This is an honest, responsive and reliable company who looks out for the consumer. I needed my roof inspected for insurance purposes and I was worried a roofer was going to say I needed all kinds of work. These company was recommended to us and I could not be more satisfied. Didn’t try to make me purchase  extra projects that I did not need, gave me what I really needed at a grate and fare price. I would rate 12 stars if I could!

Robert Maning


Couldn’t be more happier with the new and beautiful roof over my head. The quality and integrity of the work and price were quite a concerns for us when choosing a company. They were extremely professional and reliable, did a great work in less time than expected, for a below market price. Would definitely do business with this graet company in the future.

Jay Hernandez



Just wanted to let you guys know that you are top top notch, professional and hard workers.

David Nassim


Irone Dome Roofing was one of 6 roofing companies we contacted when we needed to repair our roof. They were super professional, respectful of our schedule  and our house, did the project they committed to do on our roof, and made sure we are satisfied.

I couldn’t be more happier with the work they did to my property. I give them all stars possible and would recommend this great company to each and every one of you.

Meriam L Hollywood FL



I could NOT believe this. I called them to repair a leak in my roof. In 5 minutes they found the source of the leak, told me it will take 5 minutes to repair the leak and refused to get paid. I was in shock. I recommend them to anyone I know even if they don't need new roof or roof repair 

Daniel Shmerling Miami