Leak Repair

As Broward County Florida roofing company we receive calls regularly from our neighbors needing roof repairs. Roofs can develop leaks, years before a total roof replacement is required.

We perform careful inspections, diagnose the problem and offer solutions to our clients in Broward county. We discuss option that include taking the least expensive route to temporarily address the problem or doing a larger, more invasive repair that may be more expensive initially but have more permanent results.

Broken Tile Replacement

Ridge Cap Repair

Many roofing companies in Broward County Florida are aware that the majority of roof repairs are flashing related. A 1/8 inch flashing error is all that is needed to result in a roof leak. If this occurs at a point above a chimney, wall abutment or anywhere on the roof where the natural flow of large volumes of water is interrupted, a heavy rain may cause water penetration and interior damage. Chimney flashing, step flashing and head wall flashing are some of the first places we check for leaks. We replace flashing that has been damaged or become unsealed over time. These areas are then sealed and shingled.


New Roof

Attic Insullation

Blown-In Insulation Broward County Florida Area

Are you tired of increasing energy bills? Without sufficient insulation or properly laid ductwork you are wasting your HVAC system’s energy—which is causing you extra money each month!  Upgrading home insulation is an excellent investment, providing a good return on your capital while increasing your family's comfort in Broward County Florida summers and occasional chilly winter nights, effective insulation means lower monthly utility bills.

When you need blown-in insulation installed in Broward county Florida and the surrounding areas: Miami and Palm Beach County, there’s only one company for the job: HHS Roofing!

We’ve been helping homeowners throughout Broward County Florida keep their homes comfortable for more than 28 years, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve chosen the best team for your insulation installation. Our insulation technicians will perform your job quickly and efficiently, helping you to improve comfort and efficiency.

Debby Valasquez from Plantation Florida:

" I saved $580 on electric bill, after HHS Roofing upgraded my attic insulation." 


Our goal here at HHS Roofing and Gutters is to give our customers in Broward County Florida and the surrounding areas the best looking and the most strongest seamless gutters!!! Our reputation in the roofing and gutters industry depends on it. Happy customers keep us busy. CUSTOMERS AMAZED AT WHAT WE CAN DO FOR THEM IS WHAT KEEPS US ON TOP.